Saturday, September 9, 2017

30-in-30 Challenge - Day 9

Good evening everyone! Yes, I did miss yesterday, sadly. It was a rough and busy week at work and I had a few nights of insomnia so by Friday I was exhausted. Sorry guys, I just didn't get it done. I plan on making an extra one to make up for my missing day, however. For now, here (barely) is day 9.  It doesn't look as shiny and glittery as it really is.

The dark looking things on the canvas is actually gold glitter, but in the lighting it seems to look like it's dirty. Lol!  The colors are a bit off too, but it's pretty close.

I thought I was going to have two done today, until my second one had to be partially redone, so maybe better luck tomorrow.

Tools Used:
2" x 3" canvas
Acrylic paint
Pigma Archival ink

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