Monday, September 18, 2017

30-in-30 Challenge - Day 18

So, I did something different for today. I went looking in my studio for lesson information I wanted to post on this blog and I found this piece along with other unfinished pieces. I have this bad habit of sometimes not finishing a painting or drawing I begin. This is one. I had actually done two of these pieces. One was done for a class I was teaching to show how to use the grid method as well as learning basic values . The second one I never finished.  This is the second one. I got inspired to complete the pear instead of doing one of my theme pictures for this challenge today. So, here it is.

This was done with graphite leads HB and 4B and a tortillion, plus two of my fingers. Lol!

Tools used:
Graphite leads HB and 4B
Lead holders
White Faber-Castell eraser
Kneaded eraser
Size: 9"x12"
Paper: Strathmore Bristol Vellum

Enjoy and as always,

....................... HAPPY ARTING!!!

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