Saturday, April 4, 2009

Morning Devotions

Well, FINALLY, I have finished my latest inspirational painting, and it has been entered into a Christian art competition called Art4God.

This painting was done on the new Mattson pastel paper by Richeson. For colored pencils, I do not recommend this paper. It is far too rough in texture for pencils. I had a terrible time getting the detail I needed in the painting, such as the letters in the Bible. I do plan on trying out my pastels on it next; I'm sure it will work just fine with them.

I set this composition up one afternon and took many photos of it, trying to get the elements and lighting just right. However, it wasn't until the sun started to set and the beautiful colors of the setting sun were shining into the kitchen that I realized it was truly just right! I had to use my photos for reference because it was the only way to keep the lighting while I was painting it.

Originally I had designed the painting to be a 6" x 12". Then I changed it to a 9" x 12", which I did not like at all, so I switched it to a 7.5" x 12", and that seemed to be just right.

I apologize for not showing any detail or close-up shots, but all of our computers are down and out at the moment and I am having a devil of a time trying to crop and adjust my photos. When one of our computers comes back, I'll post some more pics for all of you.