Monday, August 31, 2009

Featured Artist on IBX Arts Website

Wow! I just read a write-up on me as the featured artist on IBX Arts website.

IBX stands for Inner Banks as opposed to the Outer Banks. supports and promotes the 22 county Inner Banks area of North Carolina. The majority of the tourists in Eastern North Carolina go through the Inner Banks, but rarely stop except to get gas while headed on out to the Outer Banks. Thus, Inner Banks artists do not receive nearly the attention, business, nor the opportunities that the Outer Banks artists do. Tom Kilian decided to change all that. An artist himself as well as a preacher, Tom created and works hard to promote artists who live and work in the Inner Banks. He is even going to be holding an IBX Arts Fest, free of charge to Inner Banks artists, in the Spring of 2010. The Arts Fest will be a way to bring attention to these artists, and hopefully business too.

For the month of September, Tom chose me as the featured artist, and what a write-up he did! Excellent! Thank you so much Tom!!!!! I look forward to seeing you for the Arts Fest in May.

Treat WIP 2 and an artist link you have to check out!!

Still working on Treat. Pretty much finished with the background although I'll make a few more adjustments to color. It doesn't look like much progress, but you wouldn't believe how many hours I put into the background! Dreary day today, so no photo update at the moment. Sorry.

I ran into a wonderful artist all of you should check out. His name is Teddy Wayne Smith. He paints and draws even though he only has partial use of one arm and is wheelchair bound due to a handicap. He's amazing!! You have to go see his work.

The weather has finally cooled, at least for a few days!!! I'm excited about being able to get more artwork done now that it's going to start getting cooler. I'll be able to test out my new papers I got from England too! Yay!

Will post an updated photo of Treat tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Treat WIP 1

Okay, I have started on a painting of my cat Treat. She's a tortie, so she's very colourful. Now, this is rough since I haven't finished any parts yet. Still deciding on the background. And yes, her fur really does look like that. It's VERY thick and long and often looks like feathers rather than fur.

This is on Uart 600, which I'm still not thrilled with. Using Prismacolors only. It's 8" x 10"

Remember, it's only a start.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Upcoming Artwork & an Announcement

I know, I know, I haven't posted much lately. I've been away for the past two weeks going to the Atlanta CPSA convention, which was fantastic as usual (pics to be posted later). We then dropped down to Florida for a quick visit to my son, then onto Texas to visit more family, and finally home to NC. Home to nothing but rain ever since arriving including about 6" in the last 24 hours!! And our lawn is almost two feet high and we can't mow it until it dries out. So, I guess we have an african savannah outside our door for awhile longer.

I have actually been working on some artwork. I just finished the sketch of one piece I would like to enter into CPSA next year. It is a 14" x 18" piece, which grew from 12" x 16". I had wanted to do it for this year, but I'm glad I waited because I just added something extra to it that I think really gives it a bang!

Then I have my 18" x 24" piece that I am still sketching out. Almost have the subject sketched out, but then have to figure out the background. *sigh* How I dislike backgrounds, especially if they involve grass (which this one probably will).

I also have a 16" x 20" piece that I have started but reached a point where I just don't like part of what I've done but can't figure out how to fix it.

AND I have the "Faces of Love" series I need to continue to work on. Of course, there are also some other side pieces I need to work on, but these are the major pieces I am going to be doing over the course of the next year.

I can see how I am suddenly working on much bigger sizes than usual for me. I like big sizes except for all the pencils it uses up with pastelbord. But that's okay, just need to stock up!!!

Now, for an announcement. a friend of mine, Jennifer Rose of Fuzzy Dragons, is celebrating her blog's first birthday, which will be on the 26th of August!! To celebrate she has decided to giveaway two items, but she has some very specific rules for entering the giveaway, so read her blog entry carefully. You must go look at her Etsy store as well! She has some wonderful drawings there you need to see!!

Okay, now I guess I need to get back to my artwork. I'll post pics of the convention later on, so be sure to stop by later to see them!

Happy creating everyone! :D