Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Treat WIP 1

Okay, I have started on a painting of my cat Treat. She's a tortie, so she's very colourful. Now, this is rough since I haven't finished any parts yet. Still deciding on the background. And yes, her fur really does look like that. It's VERY thick and long and often looks like feathers rather than fur.

This is on Uart 600, which I'm still not thrilled with. Using Prismacolors only. It's 8" x 10"

Remember, it's only a start.


  1. I love her name :D

    her fur looks really soft right now :)

  2. Thank you Jen! She got her name from the shelter. She showed up at the shelter about 7 years ago with her brother in tow. It was Halloween, so they named her Treat and her brother Trick. Sometimes we think she should be Trick instead of Treat! :D

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Don't you just "love" that "ugly" phase of a new painting? Loving the development of color. I am envisioning lots of depth, texture and richness of color to come.

    BTW, I'm not such a fine of the Uart myself, and I've sworn off Prisma color. I've been working on Ampersand Pastelbord, which loves traditional "dryer, less waxy" colored pencil and adores watercolor pencils. And, you can fully utilize those aqueous capabilities on the Pastelbord. Best of all, you can finish off the paintings with Krylon UV-Clear Acetate(matte)/Krylon Triple-Thick/UV-Clear Acetate(matte) and frame these pieces with no glass or plexiglass. They are well-protected and look like acrylic paintings when done.