Friday, October 23, 2009

Study in White 1 - WIP

This is a new study I'm doing. I set up this still life with drapery in white as the main focus. But that was a bit boring, so I decided to add a colored object into the mix. This small canister seemed to do the trick. Not only did it liven up the composition a bit, but it also added very nice colored reflections onto the white drapery.

The white cloth the canister is sitting on I did with several blues and some white. That part still needs some work. The drapery on the right side is being done in cool grays and white. The wall in the background was done in grays also and will be darkened up some more to bring out the white drapery on the right.

This is being done on white 5" x 7" Pastelbord. I used light blue Neocolor II as a watercolor wash on the Pastelbord first, which you can still see on the right hand side. Then I transferred my drawing to the bord, and began adding colors. I am, naturally, using my stencil and bristle brushes to blend.

This should be done this weekend. Not too much more to do, then I'll just have the tweaking.