Saturday, October 17, 2009

Golden Retriever Final!

This is the second shelter animal in my Faces of Love shelter series. I'm not sure the colors are quite right here. I think my large display is a bit off, both in brightness and in color.

This lovely dog had a beautiful golden glow about him when I took this pic as he soaked up the sun outside the shelter. His pensive look reveals his apprehensiveness over his future. I do believe that the animals in shelters realize their situation is critical and desperately want a place to call home and people to love them as much as they are willing to love in return. This big guy arrived at the shelter happy and full of life - ready to play - yet was able to calm down and sit quietly when necessary. He was able to completely capture the hearts of not only the shelter workers, but the visitors as well. He was adopted so fast, the shelter didn't even have time to name him. I barely had time to include him in the photo shoot!

The slight bit of background you see in the upper corners are actually the color of the board. I decided the color complemented the dog and left it at that. I will be spraying permanent fixative and varnish on it so it can be framed without glass or mat.

Finally , here is a close-up of his eyes for those of you who like close-ups.

Support: Gray Pastelbord
Size: 5" x 7"
Medium: Prismacolors Colored Pencils
Tools: Stencil brushes for blending.
There is NO watercolor underpainting on this one.


  1. Great job Nancy! He is gorgeous. I am so glad to hear that there was a happy ending.

  2. Thank you Teresa, I appreciate it! Yes, it is always nice to have a happy ending isn't it? :D

  3. Beautiful final painting, Nancy. A pensive look, I agree with that, also very sweet...

  4. Those eyes just make your heart melt. Eileen

  5. Thank you Carolina and Marmsk! He was a very sweet dog indeed!