Thursday, October 1, 2009

Golden Retriever Shelter Animal - WIP 1

The second in my "Faces of Love" series to raise money for my local shelter, is this beautiful Golden Retriever. He didn't have a name at the time I did the photo shoot, unfortunately. He was a sweet, calm, and loving dog. Thankfully, he did get adopted.

I started this on white Pastelbord. I used steel grey Neocolor watercolor stick to put a couple of light layers on the bord as an underpainting to start. I then transferred my sketch with white transfer paper. I am using only Prismas .... so far at least.

I began the dog by applying the highlights and shadows first.

Then, as usual, I began the first layers on the dog's nose and then his eye. From the eye I began to spread out, covering one section at a time.

I am using bristle and stencil brushes to blend the colors and smooth out the surface of the bord. I am spraying it with Krylon Workable Fixative after each session on it to prevent wax bloom. After I'm finished I will spray it with a permanent fixative and then varnish.