Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pastel Station

One of my readers asked if I could give tips on how I store and organize my supplies. So, in response to that request, here is the first of several articles concerning what I have learned over the years about organizing and storing my art supplies.

The Pastel Station

First is something I am rather proud of. It's my pastel station. It consists of a tool box that has three flat drawers on top and two shelves underneath. I have converted it into a place to store my pastels.

In the top three drawers I store my pastel sticks, including soft, semi-hard, and hard sticks. I try to keep them separated by hue first, then within each hue family separated by values. I did not have quite enough room to store them all, however, so some of them are stacked on top of each other.

I wanted some foam padding to line the drawers with so the pastels would be protected, but had a difficult time finding some except for in large quantities, which I did not need. Then while walking through the Dollar Store one day, I saw contact paper and in with the contact paper was some black foam-like padding that was perfect for the job! It came in smaller quantities and was very inexpensive. So, I measured it out, cut the pieces, then doubled them and laid them in the drawers, placing my pastel sticks on top. Worked like a charm!

In the bottom section, the two shelves, I have two sets of small drawers that hold pastel pencils and other small assorted pastel supplies, plus a wooden box that holds a complete set of Derwent pastel pencils, several boxes of small Rembrandt pastel sets, a small set of Richeson semi-hard pastels, a full set of NuPastels, and several pan pastels.

On the very top of the pastel station I have a full set of Conte pastel pencils and a lazy-susan type of device that holds my pastel powders. Long before pan pastels were developed, I was grinding down pastels into powders to use in artwork. It's not the exact same thing as Pan Pastels (my powders have a bit less pigment), but it's close and works fine for me. It's also a lot less expensive!

So there you have it: The Pastel Station!  You'll also notice that it has wheels, so I can move the entire station conveniently and with ease to either my drafting table or to my easel so all my pastels will be right at my fingertips. I love this set-up, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do if I get many more pastels.


  1. My art room never looks this tidy LOL

    I love your pastel storage set up. I have mine in boxes of all shapes and sizes and then even more boxes and containers full of coloured pencils - I have a tidy-up every now and sort them into types/colours but then they start to migrate ... I swear the pencils have a life of their own

  2. Lol! I know what you mean Sue. Mine do that too, usually when I am working on a big project. I've gotten so that I don't like to work in a mess, where I can't find the things I want and need. So, I try to keep it organized. Unfortunately, I'm going to outgrow that pastel station fairly fast. Then I'll be stacking boxes of pastel on top of it and the heck with organization. Lol!

  3. that is a really good idea, wish I had of thought of something like that rather then have all my pencils in containers everywhere :p

  4. Lol! I've done the pencils in containers everywhere thing. Did it for years for that matter. I'm so glad a friend of mine gave me this tool box. It has worked perfectly!

    Notice I still have my pastel pencils in containers down below on the shelves though. :)