Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Studio - New Work

My studio is beginning to come along nicely. I actually got to spend some time in it today.As promised, here are some photos of my new studio:

Here is my new computer desk, still unassembled

Here is the studio after a lot more unpacking and more furniture added.  Here's my drafting table, taboret, bookcase, and other assorted things. Of course, the Toot had to pay a visit and check out what I have been working on all afternoon. 

Here's my computer center. You can see some of the scratchbord panels in the rack above, but what you can't see are all the pastelbords on the second shelf and on the floor right up against the right side of the desk.

 This was supposed to be my cutting table, where I could cut paper and frame pictures, but since I can't seem to find one of my tables, it has turned into a place to put some of my pencils and pastels.

 And one must always have some storage space. A friend of mine is going to put some custom shelves in the closet so I can have more organized storage space rather than just stacking stuff up. 

The backgrounds I worked on today are these (sorry for the glare on the blue one). I have been waiting for this moment to try to figure out the background for my Cowboys for Christ painting so I can finally begin on the painting, and I have pretty much figured it out. These are simple backgrounds, but it's my first time making anything in acrylic, nevermind a background. The colors in the photos aren't as bright as they are in real life unfortunately.

The green background is a possibility for a dog portrait. 

I'm SO happy to have a studio again and be back to work on my art ..... FINALLY! Have a great day everyone and keep on creating!!


  1. looks like a nice place to work :)

  2. Thank you Jennifer! It's pretty comfortable. Anxious to get the new shelves in so I can finish organizing and have more room to work in though. :)

    ~ Nancy

  3. Love how you have all your goodies set up in easy access I truly need a lesson on this. Would love to see a post on how you broke every thing down and in tips on storing paper and organize your pens pastels and pencils love your blog

  4. Hi Jeweldantler! Hmmm ... that could be an interesting blog article. I have so many different types of media, supports, etc., but I could try to give you a rundown on how I have it organized. However, I keep changing it as I get more things unpacked and set-up. And yes, I do try to the easiest access possible. lol!

    ~ Nancy