Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Use of Our Talents and Gifts

"You have been given a gift, and those that get a gift must use it!"

Although this is a quote from a fictional story called Dragonspell, it can easily be applied to our lives.

To each of us is given a gift, and it is not randomly given. The gift is chosen to fit our personality and abilities. Each one of us are unique and although others may have been given the same gift, no two of us will ever wield it in the same way. Each one of us, depending on our personality and abilities, will develop our own style, techniques, and ways of using our gift.

The greatest misuse of your gift is to NOT use it at all! The second greatest misuse is to use it for evil. I hope none of us ever falls into either of those two categories!

How are you using your gift?

Gazing Toward Heaven


  1. How very true! We all need occasional reminders to stay focused.

  2. That's an interesting thought, it's even in the Bible (the talents that we receive are expected to grow). Thanks for the recall... (and the painting is cute, by the way :)
    Best regards,

  3. The DragonKeeper Chronicles are filled with "proverbs" taken from the Tomes of Wulder. I wrote the five books in the series and people ask me how I "made up" these sayings. Most of them are from the Bible, just looked at differently. Words of truth work wonders from encouraging the artist to consoling the bereft. Thanks for mentioning DragonSpell and for reminding me to focus!

  4. Wow, Donita! Thanks for posting here. I am working my way through the book and can't seem to put it down. I have it sitting next to me at the computer so while I am waiting for a page to load, I can read (I have dial-up connection, so I do a lot of waiting *sigh*). So, you have a whole series of these books? I was just going to do a search to see if there are more to follow. GREAT!!! Can't wait to get them too. You're a wonderful writer!!!