Sunday, July 13, 2008

Goldie WIP 2

I have fixed Goldie's eyes now. Someone pointed out that they were a bit uneven in size, so I got out my ruler, checked my proportions and found out they were off just a bit. The size and proportions are now correct, but I need to tweak the right eye's coloring now.

I have the background near finished, but it won't be completely finished until after Goldie is done. Now I can get started working on Goldie in earnest! I'm trying like crazy to get this done before we leave for the CPSA convention in Seattle on July 27th, so I need to move fast and hope I don't have any problems along the way.

The coloring in the photo below is slightly off, but not too much. I'm using quite a combination of colors on the background. Let's see, Coloursoft brown earth and mid brown (LOVE those two colors), Derwent Studio brown ochre and golden brown, Prisma goldenrod, burnt ochre, dark brown, dark umber, and black, and Polychromos burnt ochre (which is quite different from Prisma burnt ochre). And of course I'm using my handy dandy trusty bristle brush to blend the colors in. The dark areas of the background definitely need to be darkened a bit more, but I'll get there. It's time to get Goldie going now!

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