Monday, July 7, 2008

Fallen Soldier Portrait - Completed!

All right, it's finished, finally! Whew! I knew I got the flak jacket right when my husband (with twenty years of military experience) looked at it and could recognize the different parts right away. I wish he had explained all of that to me BEFORE I started working on it, it would have made a lot more sense and been easier!

The young man's mother has seen the painting and I got the ultimate praise - she immediately recognized her son and started crying, which of course started me crying. I REALLY must have got it right because I never had to make any changes to it. She said it looked like him and nothing needed to be changed. WOW!! Talk about making my day!

It's all done and ready to be sprayed. I won't be making any changes to it, especially since the family is very happy with it, but all of your comments and critiques are welcome. I have two more to do after this as well, so the learning process is continuing, and C&C's will help on the next one.

I just looked at it and thought some explanation was needed to clarify something. The young man's face was actually quite burned by the desert sun and since he had to wear goggles often, he was actually very pale all around his eyes. I didn't want to make his face quite like that, but I also didn't want it to be unrealistic. So I compromised. I made his skin around his eyes darker, but not completely equal to the rest of his face. That's why he has a kind of ring around his eyes.

Details: Prismas, Coloursofts, one Lyra pencil, two Verithins, and a multitude of bristle and stencil brushes on sand colored Colourfix paper.
Size: 11" x 14".


  1. Nancy,
    I wanted to express my appreciation for your talent, generosity, and attention to detail! The portrait of my son is beautiful! You have given back a part of my son to me and my family. You have a true talent and I cannot express with words how much this means to me.

    With great appreciation...
    Christi Larsen
    Proud Mom of PFC Cole William Larsen

  2. It's wonderful Nancy! It truly is.
    What a treasure for the family.

  3. Thank you Christie and Kasie!! *hugs* I really appreciate the kind words! And Christie, I appreciate all that your son did for us here in the U.S.!

  4. I've been lucky enough to see the exhibition at the Pentagon of the first group of Faces of the Fallen.

    I think its wonderful that you did this for the family of that soldier!!