Saturday, August 19, 2017

Join Me in the 30-In-30 Day Challenge, Sept. 1, 2017!!!

All right, here is the official announcement of the 30-in-30 Challenge starting on Sept. 1, 2017!  I am joining Leslie Saeta in her challenge and I hope to bring as many of you guys with me as possible! Leslie is co-host of Artist's Helping Artists Art blog talk radio show; a terrific art show where you will learn a ton of things concerning art! 

Please register, read the instructions and make sure you plant your flag on the map, then be ready to start posting your artwork on Sept. 1st.  For those of you who decide to join me, please leave me a message here and then be sure to post or at the least tag me in all your posts so I don't miss them and I can comment and share them.

I am adding to the instructions that you can also create a drawing as well as small pieces of clay as long as a complete piece you create in one day.  Please don't post previously made artwork. This is a challenge for us to create right here and now everyday for 30 days.

So let's have fun together in this 30-day adventure! Go to the link here to Leslie's 30-in-30 blog.   Ignore the fact that it says January 2017. I don't know why it is saying that. Just click on the link and it will take you to the blog for the newest challenge, Sept. 1, 2017.

~ And as always, HAPPY ARTING!!

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