Friday, January 18, 2013

Into The Light

This is my most recent piece. It's scratchbord multi-media. I decided to try to add color to his eyes and used Prismacolor colored pencils to do it. I am really enjoying working with Ampersand Scratchbord!


Into The Light

Support: Ampersand Scratchbord 
Size: 5"x7" 
Tools: #11 Exacto knife, Ampersand black repair ink, Prismacolor colored pencils (for the eyes) 
Reference Credit: My own photo of my best model, Tooki!


  1. Wow!! This is a great combination with the scratchbord and prismacolors for the eyes. The fur is so defined, and the prismacolors give the eyes such a glassy smooth appearance... so realistic! I am loving this Nancy!! :)

  2. Thank you so much Brenda!!!!! I really appreciate that. I was not so sure how well the eyes really came out.