Monday, February 7, 2011

Thomas the Maine Coon - Values and Sketch

I've got more work done on the Maine Coon cat. Here is a rough value sketch of the cat and the wooden chest he's on. This sketch helps me figure out values before committing to them on the board so, hopefully, I won't make a mistake and not be able to erase.

I have now transferred a basic outline sketch of Thomas to my prepared pastelbord. At this point, I decided that I needed to add pencil to the watercolor background I had prepared. I am using french greys over a cool gray wc background. I may just combine some cool grays over the french grey too. Not really satisfied with the background just yet. Unfortunately, you can't see the nuances, the transitions of color in the background in this photo.

I have also begun working on Thomas's ear. Remember, nothing is permanent until I am finished with the painting! These colors are not the finished combination.

Sorry for the poor photos. It's very overcast here today and the natural lighting is not good. This has also affected the colors in the photos. I will be posting another update soon that should be better.

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