Friday, July 10, 2009

Pinky & Rosie - A Memorial

I have started a series called Faces of Love: A Shelter Animal's Journey. This series is being created due to an agreement between my local animal shelter and myself. They gave me permission to come in and have several photo shoots of all the resident animals. I then turn those photos into paintings. When the paintings are done (approximately 10 or more paintings total), I will hold an art show to sell them and give 40% of the proceeds directly to the shelter. You can read all the details of the project on the Faces of Love page on my website.

Here is the first painting completed: Pinky & Rosie.



  1. Great painting, their expression is so nice. I look forward to see more of these paintings, it's such a good thing you're doing...

  2. this is a really nice thing to do for the shelter :D

    the cats look really soft here :)

  3. Thank you Carolina and Jen! Glad you like it!