Saturday, October 25, 2008

Youthful Innocence

Here's another one on Wallis paper that I quickly finished - about four hours!! That's very exciting for me to finish anything in that short of time!!

It's ATC sized, so not very big. Still experimenting on Wallis. I told my husband it's not good news. This is the second picture I've done on Wallis and both were done quickly and came out fairly good. I am very happy with my experience so far with this paper. That's not good! Wallis is not cheap. I can't afford to use it all the time!!!

What's even more depressing is that I am working on two portraits as Christmas Commissions on Pastelbord and they are coming out horrible!! I have even been thinking about giving my client back her money. I've done these little pieces to help boost my confidence. I'm sure I'll get those portraits done in time, but it's rough going at the moment.

Details: Prismacolors on Wallis Beige Mist
Size: 2.5" x 3.5"
Accessories: Bristle brushes
Ref Credit: Ref Lib at WC


  1. It's beautiful Nancy!
    You really have captured that sweet innocence.
    I've never tried Wallis but I know that some people just love it.

  2. Lovely expression on that little face, a very nice portrait. Well done.

  3. Hi Marmsk!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! BTW, I love your recent photos of Spain! Great architecture shots. :D

  4. Hi Kasie!! Thank you so much for your very kind comment!! If you try Wallis, let me know what your thoughts are on it.

  5. This is such a pretty piece. I can feel her.