Friday, June 13, 2008

Soldier WIP

Drawing day was almost a bust for me. We have had a heat wave here you would not believe! Five days of near 100 degree (or more) weather and humidity over 70%, and we don't have A.C.!!! So, not much art got done. I couldn't pull out any paper because it would immediately be ruined. Also, my laptop is going to be shipped back to HP for repair after I go to a photo shoot for a commission this morning, and will be gone for two weeks. I can use my husband's computer, but at the moment, I can't download anything from my digi. So, my updates will be limited for awhile. Hopefully, my soldier portrait will be done by the time my laptop gets back!

I have finally got the background finished on this portrait! Whew! Now, onto finishing the mouth and the eyebrows. Hopefully, we'll have a few more days of low humidity so I can work on this some more.

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