Sunday, April 6, 2008

2008 CPSA Entries

I didn't finish the paintings I was trying to get done to enter into CPSA this year, but my family & I have been so sick for the past 6 weeks I could not spend enough time on them. So, I touched up one from last year and entered that one instead. However, I will have several new pieces to choose from next year, since I am working on two new paintings at the moment with several more in the sketching stages. I'm hoping to finish them for another competition next month.

On the right you can see Bird Watching, one of my CPSA entries. It's a painting of Dusty, the "owner" of a local antique store. He greets everyone at the door as they come in. The painting doesn't show it, but Dusty is a very hefty cat who loves to be petted and played with, but watch out, his playing can get rough. Dusty gets full reign over the entire shop and also gets to lay on anything his Majesty's royal tuckas so desires - literally! The painting is only 9" x 12". I used Prismacolor pencils on Colourfix paper - soft umber color I believe.

My second entry, below, is one that reached it's time limit this year. You can only enter pictures created during the past three years. I made Intensity II three years ago, so this is the last year it can be entered in a show. You can see a small version of Intensity II in my banner at the top of my blog. here is a slightly bigger version of it. It's done with Prismacolors on suede board, with lots of workable fixative sprayed on it. It's a very small piece, only 4" x 6".


  1. Wow! Both are beautiful pieces!
    Best wishes for the show. :)

  2. Thank you Steve and Kasie!! I really appreciate your comments and support!


  3. Good luck! Dusty sounds like a great cat :)

  4. Nancy, these are both great! I hope you get in (and WIN). :~)
    Sorry the family has been sick. Hope you're all on the mend. Sick is icky.

  5. These are both stunning pieces! The best of luck to you.
    I am tickled to have found your blog and know I'll be back :)