Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thomas - More colors and layers down

Just a little update on my progress on Thomas.

I have put down more layers of color, this time on his body. There is still much to do with color, value, and details on ALL of the painting. Very difficult to get his coloring correct, but I think I'm getting there slowly but surely. As you can see, Thomas's bib around his neck is barely started and one ear and one leg are not even begun yet. Also, I have not yet completed the markings on his head either. I need to go back to those and finish them.

Also, I am curling his beautiful long furry tail around his body. The ref pic I took of him had his tail sticking straight out toward the back and I wanted to include it in the painting. I'm using my cats as models for how long his tail should be as it curls around his body. I'll use Tony and Treat (my two long-haired cats,) as well as my other ref pics of Thomas, as models for how a fuzzy tail would lay beside him.

I really need to increase my values before I get too much more done so that the shadows on Thomas agrees with the direction from which I have the light coming in the painting. This is another problem with creating your own light source. Everything must agree!

Little side note here - my four cats are highly jealous that I am working on the painting of a strange cat. They're even more bothered by the fact that I'm also working on a painting of a dog at the same time (horror of horrors - a DOG!). Lol! They are giving me funny looks, some of them look like their little kitty cat brains are scheming something ........

Note for Kristina:
Should Thomas have more gray in his fur or is this coloring all right?


Kristina said...

From the owner of Thomas: Nancy, I am so happy with the painting of Thomas thus far. The level of detail is amazing. I can not wait to hang this up in my home. Keep up the good work!

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Thank you so much Kristina! I'm so glad you're happy with it.


Marmsk said...

Thomas is gorgeous. Will have to see the finish.

Gemma said...

Hi Nancy!! I love the way Thomas is coming along.... very pretty!

Marmsk said...

This is coming along purrfectly!